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Embers Off

Coming Soon!

Embers Off is an action game based on the true story of Azaad Hind Fauj which fought sacrificing their lives to see India an independent country. The army was led by Shubhash Chandra Bose with Japan. Their motto was 'chalo dilli'  which meant to strike Delhi and give their best to free India from the British Raj.

About IfThenElse

IfThenElse is a software development company based in India, founded over by Tanmay Kulkarni. We ignite each and every thing till we see the heat around us! Our dream is to see the happiest customers all over the world. Although we are working for it since years, and will achieve it soon! Special thanks to all our happy customers who made us the special ones! We would not only aim any one field of the world, we are here to hit a goal on each and every field on this world which would help us see happy customers, cause they are our first and last priority🤞.


Ahmedabad, India

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